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Derivative Pension
  • Derivative Pension is a pension benefit paid monthly to the widow / widower and children of an pensionable officer of pensioner who dies.  The computation formula of Derivative Pension is similar to that of  Service Pension. F

  • The definition of child according to pension laws is a child under twenty-one years of age and unmarried, including adopted child, stepchild and illegitimate child. No age limit is required for a disabled child, or mentally or physically and permanently incapacitated and incapable of supporting himself.  

  • The Derivative Pension payment is apportioned as follows:

Widow / Widows / Widower
2 shares for each widow / widower 

1 share for each child.


How to Apply When an Officer Dies in Office


Action by Widow / Widower / Heir

If an Government officer /personnel dies in office, the widow/widower/heir must do the following:

  • Immediately report to the Head of Department where the officer/personnel works; and

  •  Submit the following documents:

    • Death Certificate

    • a copy of marriage certificate / marriage registration certificate.  However, Widow /Widower Statutory may be accepted if a copy of the certificate is unavailable from the relevant parties. 

    • a copy of birth certificate / identification cards of children below 21 years of age.

    • a copy of adoption and confirmation of adopted child (if relevant)

    • documents on retarded child from Government Medical Specialist [JPA.BP.UMUM.B04] and Report from Social Welfare Department with full length photograph of the handicapped child (if relevant) 

    • A photo of widow /widower  (whichever is relevant)

    • Guardian Decalaration Letter [JPA.BP.SPT.B02] (if under age child is not cared by the widow / widower).