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Head of Department must inform pensioners-to-be and dependants of their responsibilities as follows:

  • Provide Cooperation to Complete Forms and Documents

  • Pensioners to be or dependants (for cases of deaths in service) are responsible to provide full cooperation to Head of Department in completing all information in the forms and submission of the required pension documents.

  • Checking and Confirmation of Information

  • Pensioners to be are responsible for the checking and confirmation that all information submitted to the Public Service Department are correct, accurate, up-to-date and complete.

  • Submission of Application for Pensions due to Ability Loss or Dependency Pensions

  • Pensioners to be are responsible to submit application for loss of ability pensions through Heads of Department of the deceased for consideration for dependency pensions payment by PSD if all conditions under the pensions laws are fulfilled.

Roles and Responsibilities of Pensioners to be

  • Check service and leave records to ensure they are up-dated

  • Opt to select service duration using form JPA.BP.SPPP.B04

  • Declaration as member of Provident Fund using form JPA.BP.SPPP.B04  

  • Provide fotostat copies of identification card, marriage/divorce certificates (if relevant) and birth certificates of children aged below 21years and not married (no age limit for retarded child. Provide medical report to support condition) - JPA.BP.UMUM.B04.

  • Complete JPA.BP.SPPP.B01a form after referring to Head of Department for banks participating in Pensions Payment Through the Banks System

  • Indicate and complete home address after retirement

  • Sign Form JPA.BP.SPPP.B01a

  • Ensure Income Tax/Housing Loan account are current and settle other Government loans (if any)

  • Provide full cooperation to Head of Department to complete pension papers; and

  • Ensure that Head of Department submit pension papers to the Pensions Division, PSD within the time stipulated.

  • Summary of roles and responsibilities between managing department, pensioner to be, banks and other agencies with the Public Service Department.