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Department means the public agency or organization responsible for managing the affairs of the retirement and pension members. Among the responsibilities of managing the department are:

  Update records and inform change

Head of Department is responsible for maintaining records of service of a member of that record and the regular updates until the day before the member retires. Maintenance and updating should be in accordance with the regulations and existing administrative directives, with the focus focus on matters that affect the calculation of retirement benefits among others -
 changes in wages;
   b.     changes in the fixed remuneration or  allowances;
changes in length of service;
 promotion; and

   Providing Complete Forms and Documents
Managing departments are required to provide the completed forms and documents before the application for retirement or pension benefits applications submitted for the consideration of the JPA. Forms and documents that are required as in Part IV up to Part VII of this guide according to type of business, application for retirement or an application for retirement benefits. Failure to submit the completed form and documents as required will affect the application. 

   Submit the form and documents by Date as Prescribed 
Completed forms and documents must be submitted in a timely manner as shown in Table 1 (for pre-retirement), Table 2 (For retirement and pensions) and Table 3 (for other arrangement)