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The influence of economic globalisation, liberalisation and development in the information and communication technology (ICT) on every aspect of our lives is undeniable. The way we socialise, conduct our economic activities and interact has and will continually and rapidly change with these developments.

The Public Service Department, being the central agency responsible for the human resource management of the nation's public sector, is always sensitive towards the changes in the environment. This Department continually strives to promptly provide information and services and fulfill the needs of its clients, which comprise of government agencies, public service employees, pensioners, students and the general public.   

This portal was launched on 05 April 2006 to replace the Web Page of the Department introduced on 31 October 1996. This portal is constantly updated in the aspect of information, outlook and facilities provided.  The information contained would be useful reference materials for all users.  The facilities for services through the internet such as assessing new circulars and circular letters, forwarding enquiries, complaints on uncertainties and application for courses would facilitate and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery to our clientele.

I am hopeful that through the utilisation of this portal, the Public Service Department would be able to contribute towards creating the so required knowledge workers in the public service in line with the rapid development of the knowledge economy.

I welcome any constructive views to strengthen knowledge management and the facility provided.

Teo Khian How

Director, Post Service Division
Public Service Department, Malaysia