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Estimate Computation of Pension, Gratuity, and GCR Payments for Optional Retirement

Birth Date:  /  /
Service Commencement Date:  /  /
Last Drawn Salary (Substantive) Upon Optional Retirement Date:
*Fixed Allowances:
Cash Award In Lieu of Leave (Maximum 150 Days): Days
Unpaid Leave: Year Month Day
Gender: Male
Are you a male officer under these categories:
(i) Fire Officer (Grade KB11/KB10) or
(ii) (ii) Police Officer (from Grades Y14 till Y7) or
(iii) (iii) Prison Officer (from Grades KX12 till KX6) or
(iv) Mental Hospital Nurse
Optional Retirement Date: :    /  /


  Monthly Pension: RM
Retirement Age: Years Months Gratuity: RM
Reckonable Period of Service: Month Cash Award in lieu of Leave: RM

This amount is subjected to debts owing to the Government/employer, if any