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This payment system involves pensioners / pension recipients who are domicile of Malaysia where pension is paid through bank accounts. Pensioners / pension recipients may claim at any branch of the said bank.

Under SPB, pensions are paid through two schemes, namely:

A Scheme:           

  • for pensioner who has a wife (wives)/husband or wife (wives)/husband from marriage after pensioned from service.

B Scheme:           

  • for the following pensioner/pension recipient:

    • Pensioner who has no wife/husband or has a wife/husband from marriage after pensioned from service.

    • Female pensioner who pensioned prior to 1.7.1980; and

    • Recipients of derivative / disability pensions

Conditions for A Scheme

  1. Personnel account (savings or current account) at any banks participating in SPB.

  2. Pension is credited into the bank account each month.

Conditions for B Scheme

  1. Personnel account (savings or current account) at any banks participating in SPB.

  2. Pensioner / pension recipient must be present at the bank account each month to certify on the pension claim form.

  3. Pension will be credited into the account upon completion of the pension claim form.

  4. If pension is not claimed for a period of 6 consecutive months, the amount will be returned to Pension Division, JPA.  Pension / pension recipient should contact Pension Division, JPA to make a claim on the pension.

  5. Invalid pension / pension recipient may appoint Representative as signatory on his/her behalf for the pension claim form at the bank.  A doctor’s certification on the health conditions of  the pension / pension recipient must be submitted for those less than 70 years old.

  6. Appointment of the Representative should be made to Pension Division, JPA using  the relevant form and is valid for a year.  Any applications to renew the appointment for the following year may be done so if need be.


List of  banks participating in the Bank Payment Scheme (SPB).